Friday, December 19, 2008

Outrage for the Holidays

Can the Gov. Blagojevich circus get any stranger?

Blago refuses to go quietly into the night, after being tape recorded discussing selling his appointment of a successor to fill the empty senate seat of Barak Obama, his attorney met an Illinois impeachment panel and basically said the Gov. hasn’t done anything wrong.

May have talked about it…in terms you cannot use around the family dinner table…and in the state of Illinois, all an impeachment panel has to prove is that the governor is unfit to serve.

What part of the tape recordings do people not believe demonstrate Blago’s fitness to serve as Illinois Governor?

Locally—outrage over the killing of a middle-school student by a drunk driver on Tuesday. Wednesday night saw a vigil for 13-year old Nicole Lalime…Thursday morning was a hearing for 30-year old John Jacob Winne who allegedly ran over the girl after she stepped off of her school bus Tuesday afternoon.

I believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty…but I also believe a person’s record bespeaks plenty—and here’s piece of human trash with a long, documented record of similar infractions, like a conviction for driving while intoxicated with a 15-year old minor…possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute…and now, if it’s proven his blood alcohol content was outside legal limits, prosecutors may charge the slimeball with felony manslaughter.

And from the adding insult to stupidity…a woman convicted last year of intoxication manslaughter is now suing the driver of the truck she ran into for negligence. Elizabeth Shelton had a blood alcohol content reading THREE TIMES the legal limit when she slammed into the rear of a box truck, killing her boyfriend and demolishing her SUV.
And she’s suing the driver of the truck she hit?

Give me a freaking break.
The judge needs to throw this case out because it’s a waste of the taxpayer’s money, double her sentence (she’s on 8-year’s probation) on grounds of public stupidity, and have her placed in a program where she serves the families of victims of drunk drivers.

What is it going to take, ladies and gentlemen, to put this kind of dangerous behavior into perspective, and make the punishment fit the crime? How many 13-year old girls must be mowed down by drunk drivers as they get off their school busses before the courts take these morons off the streets permanently?

John Jacob Winne…out on probation…allegedly lit…and behind the wheel…at three in the afternoon.

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