Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mid-Week Check-in

It's only Tuesday, and we've already had an interesting week.

First an Iraqi "journalist" decides to throw a twofer on shoes during a Presidential Press conference.

Cost of one pair of badly-worn loafers = $45.
Cost to transport to the Jail Infirmary to have his broken arm set and cracked ribs tapped = $250.
Cost of seeing your lame aim miss the Leader of the Free World on INTERNATIONAL television and internet newsfeeds = Priceless.

Then, this Mensa named Bernie Madoff decides to 'fess up to his family that the funds he's been "managing" for the elite for the past several years has really been nothing more than a giant con, and there's no money.
$50-billion is gone.

Judging by the way Wall Street didn't overly react to this, you'd almost believe they knew it all along. I don't know which descriptive phrase would be more apropos:

"Honor Among Thieves"
"Misery Loves Company"
"It Takes One to Know One"

And to cap it all off, the Federal Reserve has now lowered the cost of money between bankers to between Zero and .5%, vowing they'll do everything they can to stimulate the economy. Hey, guys--how about NOT devaluing our money for starters...

Coming up tomorrow: GM weighs-in with their plan for the future. Regional Communications Meister Craig Epplinger will join me on the show to talk about where the Automotive Industry is heading, what GM intends to do next, and why allowing the automakers to fail would not be in the best interest of the country.

That and the Christmas Fairy will be on hand to drop-ship another HD Radio for us to give away.

Details in the morning, if you dare to listen!
I'll see you on the Radio.

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