Thursday, December 11, 2008

Days of Future Passed: Behind the Scenes at The Nifty 650

If you find yourself getting a little nostalgic at this time of year, that's okay. It's a time for reflection and remembering the things that really matter in life.

On clear Winter afternoons like we had today, I like to drive past the house I grew up in, and reminisce just a bit. Sometimes I'll meander from that house to the second house I ever lived in, and the one from which I moved away from home for the first time.

Music can send me into one of those reveries, too.
One of my favorite albums is The Moody Blues' "Days of Future Passed," a rock symphony that chronicles a day in the life fill in the blank.

I love the lush production of that album, recorded with the London Festival Orchestra. It begins and ends with the reverberation of a concert gong, with the dawning of a new day, and ends with the classic "Nights in White Satin." The poems at the beginning and end of the album, "Morning Glory" and "Late Lament," were written by drummer Graeme Edge, and remain among my favorite pieces of modern literature.

I was humming pieces of this album today as I went through my morning routine. The sunrise from the 19th floor of our building was spectacular.

I never know what the day is going to bring in the way of surprises. We plan the show somewhat methodically, knowing who the guests will be. But you never know what quirk of chemistry is going to occur, what catalyst will create an explosion of instant creativity.

Our guests this morning included SaltyThomason and David Boswell from Pella Windows. We've taken to calling Salty the Pella Fella, and Michael Landry has threatened in the past to create a line of Pella-monogramed sportswear.

Today he walked into the studio proudly wearing a pair of black Pella boxers.

Talk about your morning glory.
I suppose it's a good thing Salty hadn't brought along a Pella attorney as a guest, or Michael might have been inspired to create monogrammed briefs.

No sooner is one show completed, than the work begins on the next day's line-up.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning, along with our regular cast of players, Mark Jeffrey and Pamela Griffin, our special guests will include U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady (R-The Woodlands) with a peek at the Automotive Bailout Bill, and insight into the next edition of Congress that will be sworn in next month.

Also slated to appear tomorrow will be comedienne Anjelah Johnson, who is performing this weekend at The Improv, and our Friday morning featured entertainment guide from Kelly Kelly from Hot Hits 95.7fm.

See you in the morning on the Radio.

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