Thursday, October 23, 2008

VOTE, or else.

This is not a political show, but politics is on everyone’s mind this week, as early voting is shattering all records in Harris County, and the presidential campaigns continue to amuse and entertain.

Early voting in Harris County is already double the levels seen four years ago…There are some interesting local races spicing things up locally…Congressman Michael McCaul is being challenged in his gerrymandered district by Larry Joe Dougherty, who McCaul refuses to debate. Careful there, Mr. Incumbent Congressman…when there is no discussion, sometimes what fills the void is worse than anything you might fear.

Nick Lampson and Pete Olson are mixing it up over their district in Sugar Land…and John Culberson is being buzzed by Michael Skelly who wants to unseat him in Congress…

There is a pretty contentious race for Harris County Judge being waged between incumbent Judge Ed Emmett, who is running on an irrefutable record of leadership during Hurricane Ike, and David Mincberg, who frankly has come off badly in his shrillness against the Judge.
How do you compete with a Hurricane Hero?

I know what Mincberg is against; just can't hear what he's for for all the noise.

Regardless of your take on the issues, or relative aversion to the entire political process/circus, the decisions we make in a couple of weeks are going to affect our lives—some of them potentially drastically—so we’ve got to pay attention.

I’ve heard some people—people who I considered to be of sane mind and sound judgment—express their frustration at the entire political arena, and determined they just will not vote. That’s not a viable option.

You don’t like who’s running?
You’re not pleased with the options from which you must choose? Even when the choices suck, you should choose.

Even if you have to vote against the one you hate the most…make the choice to participate.

I don’t want to hear you come around here after the elections, whining about the outcome, if you didn’t cast a ballot.

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