Friday, October 24, 2008


Hey, what am I doing over there?
You may be wondering why my digitized mug is no longer leering at you from the left side of the screen.

But, as you may have noticed, there are a few more images on the west side of the screen than in the past, and in the interest of keeping things a little less cluttered, a little more balanced, I've migrated said mug to the east side of your monitor.

As my friend, Pamela Griffin, might describe it--think of it as feng shui for your computer screen. (Don't be too impressed, I had to do a Google search to figure out how to spell that...)

The logos and links to the left are there for a reason.
This blog will soon be linked to a CNN650RadioNews website as a landing pad for the curious who happen to wander over there, and wonder who it is that is on the air each morning.
That would be moi.

And beginning Monday, October 27, we're taking a bold, new step, by expanding the show, cubed. The 60-minute morning sojourn becomes a three-hour's tour, and I hope you will come along for the ride.

May I introduce some of the players to you?

E.J. "Edge" Simonsen is the top banana at Home Solution Counselors, and he will be joining me each Monday morning to solve the problems of the world, and a few mangled mortgages in the process. He's a sharp dude, and he has about a 99.9% success rate in keeping folks out of hot water with their lenders.
That's pretty important these days.

On Tuesday's we're dedicating most of the show to greener pastures. Actually, greener houses and workplaces.

The Jeffrey-Harrington Custom Homes Green-building Deparment opens wide their doors and triple-paned windows to shine the light of truth on how you really can build "green" without spending a lot of green.

That's Patrick Harrington, on the right--the handsome-half of the team. And now you know why he's on the Radio. Teri Mercatante is our resident Greenologist... guiding the faithful in the paths of renewable energy righteousness.

Wednesday's are still being formulated, but the Bad Boy on the Block is none other than Michael "Mighty Mouse" Landry, who has generally got more things going at once than Topo Gigio and that Bear act...

Michael's got so much going on, he generally has to come back on Thursday, although the longer show time may solve that issue.

On Thursday, Michael and I are joined in the studio by the lovely and talented Pamela Griffin of Pamela Griffin Interiors.

Theirs is a curious dynamic, and most likely the true origin of pigs with lipstick applications...or at least a silk purse or two.

On Friday, we pull out the stops, and Mark Jeffrey steps in to dispel rumors that Jeffrey Harrington is a real, live character. Mark also operates the U-Build-It franchise in Houston, soon to be expanding to Seabrook. More about that as details are worked out.

I still think he could start a line of custom-built playhouses for little girls, or really cool, life-sized Lincoln-log forts for little boys, and call the line Jeffy Harrington Custom Homes for Kids...but he wasn't too enthused by that idea.

Behind the scenes is our Producer, Dylan, who also does double-duty for other stations in the Houston CBS Radio cluster, as well as masquerading as the Halloween Fairy, keeping us stocked with sweet treats in the studio.

Dylan also provides me with a contractual daily scalp massage and hair folicle stimulant, which strangly lasts only about as long as the show, and then I revert to my usual appearance.

All of these intelligent, talented people work in concert, week after week, to provide a real service to you. Yes, we have fun and cut up, but we also know building a house is not a simple matter.

Hopefully, we can simplify your understanding of the process...thereby providing some real value to your morning drive in.

We'll see you here each morning, on the Radio.

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