Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Radio is Theatre of the Mind.
You cannot help but believe what I tell you on the air, because you have no image to see, save that which is being created in your mind's eye by the words I am speaking.

That's why I am tall, dark, slender, and handsome on the Radio.
(A clue as to why I am not on TV...)

Sometimes, however, words are not enough--and the right photograph of a moment is worth a thousand of them.

Such was the case this morning, as our own Super-hero, Michael Landry, was presented with his very own, custom-made Super-hero costume by Pamela Griffin.

Words cannot adequately describe the moment, and so we present to you several photographic documentations of the event.

(Bet you can't wait to "see" those synchronized roofers in the morning!)

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