Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cruisin' with FEMA

What are FEMA officials putting on their post-toasties each morning?
How to these people keep their jobs?

Two things that just defy rational explanation: First, there are about 7,000 families in FEMA’s hotel program. The agency has referred only 500 families for enrollment in its rental housing program—even though over 6,000 families qualify—and payment for the hotel program runs out in 30-days.

It’s just not moving along fast enough.

Meanwhile, docked at Galveston’s cruise ship terminal is the Regal Empress with 1,100 beds for Hurricane Ike victims…which the ship’s owner is willing to lease to FEMA for $48 per person and $7 per meal—a bargain if you ask me.

Hello, FEMA McFly, what is the problem here?

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