Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Culberson Comes to Call

You can pick your co-hosts, but you shouldn't pick your co-host's nose.

Tomorrow morning my in-studio regulars include Michael Landry from CRSC Consulting, and the lovely and talented Pamela Griffin from Pamela Griffin Interiors. I have no idea what they want to cover, because I haven't heard from them yet.

Our special guests will include Pavel Molchanov from the Houston office of Raymond James & Associates. Since the Petroleum Inventory numbers were released today, Pavel will provide some interprettive remarks tomorrow.

In the third hour of the show, US Rep. John Culberson joins us from an undisclosed location...probably still on the fly-over ramp of the 610 Loop to the newly re-opened 18-lane Katy Freeway. He's also running for office, and the clock is ticking ever onward towards election day. Should be an interesting chat, and I hope you will listen in and participate with us.

See you in the morning at 7 on the Radio.

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