Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wall Street Journal: Leave it Alone

Why do people try to fix what's not broken?
The Wall Street Journal is engineering a makeover of its Marketplace section, as the paper's transition to more breaking news and shorter articles continues.
There goes the neighborhood.

Some of the changes wrought on The Journal’s front page since Rupert Murdoch bought Dow Jones & Company have been welcome. Like the revamped $5 bills, the new and improved Journal has a touch of color on its pages, but the front page has reduced its focus on business news and longer stories that explain what's going on.

The Journal has also shrunk its menu of offbeat and investigative pieces. That's a shame. So much for serious journalism.

Murdoch says he wants to broaden The Journal’s appeal with more general-interest news. That's a load of bunk. He just wants to sell more copies of the paper.

As a result, the reincarnated front page of The Journal has shorter articles, and more breaking and nonbusiness news, and particularly favors politics. The Journal has even set aside pages for world news and added a sports page.

Don't we already have a daily piece of pulp fiction that does this: USA Today?
Leave The Wall Street Journal alone.

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