Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Decade of ED

Viagra is 10 years old.

Who’d have thought The Little Blue Pill would be facing stiff competition from two other manufacturers, a decade after its introduction?
Sure has changed the marketing business, bringing into our living rooms subjects that previously dared not be mentioned.

I read where the inventor of the Egg McMuffin, Herb Peterson, passed on to that great fastfood playground in the sky. Egg McMuffins have been around 36-years.

Herb was 89…he wrote McDonald’s first advertising slogan back in 1972: “Quality made fresh everyday.”
I have no idea if he ever used Viagra.

Back in 2003, Wrigley patented an anti-impotency gum that had some of the same active-ingredients as Viagra. Ever wonder how Herb Peterson might have handled that slogan-writing job?

We actually researched this—our crack team at discovered some discarded Wrigley Viagra Gum slogans…

Double your measure, double your gun
Share a stick with the one you love
The flavor that never lets you down

Makes you want to run right out and...get some.

We put the "spear" in "spearmint"
New Wrigley's Viagra gum: We bring your thing to life
It's Wrigidly Delicious

The makers of Viagra have really missed some unique marketing opportunities…and the other ED drug manufacturers have missed the boat. Remember that ED ad with the couple sitting in matching bath tubs, watching the sunset?
I thought it was a commercial for bathroom fixtures.

I’d like to see other cross-marketing collaborations in the future, say between Pfizer and M&M Mars for example.
Imagine Viagra M&M’s.
The slogan might be, “melts in your mouth, not in your pants.”

Everyone would want the blue ones.

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