Friday, March 14, 2008

The Elephant in the Room

There are some things you just cannot ignore.
$1,000 Gold.
$110 Oil.
Bear Sterns…

For the past few days here at The BizRadio Network, we’ve been working around an elephant in the room.
You’ve noticed it, too, I am sure.

You’re bopping along with us on the Radio, getting into the conversation, even thinking about calling in to comment. And there’s a big silent gap in the audio.

You look at your Radio.
Yep, it’s still on.
There is nothing wrong with your set.

While we don’t have a Horizontal or Vertical control to manipulate, we do have our fingers on the sliders that control what you hear. Unfortunately, those sliders are connected to several other pieces of gear, and this was the week one of them chose to fail.

But because there are several elements in our audio chain, you’re never really sure what’s broken and what’s not. It becomes a process of elimination, which unfortunately, can take time, and you’re never really sure you’ve fixed it until you put the system back on line.
Sort of like flying on a trapeze without a net.

Here is the offending culprit from the past several days’ audio outages.
It’s an audio switcher produced by Broadcast Tools.

I have a tool in my garage I’d like to take to it.
It’s called a Ball Peen hammer.
We just bypassed the POS instead.
Problem solved.

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