Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foreign Trading at Easter

If tomorrow is Good Friday, does that make today Just Okay Thursday?
Hippity Hoppity, Easter Weekend is upon us.
Have you noticed how Easter has become the second coming of Christmas?

When we were kids, you’d get a straw basket made in Mexico, lined with some shredded, dried, green Saran Wrap that was supposed to look like yard clippings, in which the alleged Easter Bunny had laid some eggs of suspicious origin because they were pastel colored, except for that one your little brother had dipped in all the egg-dyes, and it was a dingy shade of lead-gray.

Nowadays, you get a resin-injected basket that’s made in China, lined with shredded, dried, purple-pink-blue-yellow Saran Wrap that’s made in China, into which you carefully load an array of foil-wrapped chocolates, couple of packages of Jelly Belly’s or Gummy Bears made in Mexico, maybe a DVD or a gift card for iPod down-loads, probably a dress tie, or maybe a pair of socks…but no faux-colored eggs because the dyes are made in China and have too much lead in them.

By the way, I don't get this Easter Bunny thing.
Never made sense to me.

Aren't rabbits warm-blooded, fur-covered creatures which deliver their young alive? Despite the visual of rabbit procreative antics that allegedly result in exponential population increases, rabbits don't lay eggs. At least not any I'd want to ingest.

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