Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Telephones, Euphemisms, and Exhibitions

Think of what would happen to us in America if there were no humorists; life would be one long Congressional Record.
--Tom Masson

No telephone records of any calls placed to The BizRadioNetwork have been released to the NSA.

Verizon and BellSouth are denying USA Today’s reports the companies provided customers phone records to the National Security Administration…so USA Today may have pulled a “CBS” on this story.

Is it just coincidental that there have been no attacks on US soil since 9/11, thanks to whatever steps the US government has taken? A point we can ponder without the daily distractions of dirty bombs, roadside IED’s, or attacks on shopping malls and outdoor restaurants.

There is a commercial running on the national networks these days for a pharmaceutical product that promises to cure certain frailties of the flesh that some find disagreeable to hear mentioned on the radio.

We received a few calls about that this week (which were not reported to the NSA), from listeners complaining about what shall be referred to as E-D ads. I understand your discomfort, and I propose that we simply color the story for what it is, euphemistically speaking.
From this point forward, we’ll call them Richard Fiasco’s…and you can draw your own conclusion…

Today was the first day of the ITEC Expo in Houston with our affiliate, BizRadio1320. The whole Hee-Haw Gang turned out for the fun. Kristina Ramirez even had her limo drop her off in front of The Reliant Center so she could do her reports live from the exhibition floor.
She’s such an exhibitionist.

Del Walmsley performed his show live from our expansive booth real estate in the expo. Lots of people came up to watch the show, and ask questions between segments. Funny, no one wanted to ask a question while he was on the air.

Meanwhile, our IT Manager, Shaw Wairegi, was in hog heaven, talking shop with the other exhibitors, and making his Christmas Wish List from all the neat toys on hand. Gracie Pavlicek, one of our Houston account reps, was also mining the floor for fresh ideas. Many of the exhibitors should be advertising on The BizRadioNetwork, as our audience is perfect for the goods and services that were on display here today.

Irrepressible Vince Rowe filled-in for Las Vegas-bound Daniel Frishberg this afternoon, with a little help from his friends. We literally closed down the show tonight, the last one’s to leave, after a long broadcast day on location.

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