Friday, May 26, 2006

Enron By the Numbers

Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling are guilty.
Was there ever any question?
Only in the minds of two men.

18-counts of fraud and conspiracy, one count of insider trading against Skilling…six counts of fraud and conspiracy, four counts of bank fraud against Lay.

$60-billion in market value lost in Enron’s collapse.
$2.1-billion in pension funds evaporated.
5,600 hundred jobs and careers brought to a screeching halt.

5-days to deliberate.
$5-million: Bond required to keep Ken Lay out of jail on appeal. The money coming from pledges by his children.

64-years old: Ken Lay.
52-years old: Jeff Skilling.
With possible terms of 12-25-years, both men likely will spend the rest of their lives in lock-up.

Neither man admits he did wrong.
12 of their peers say that they did.
Maybe they weren’t the smartest guys in the room afterall.

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