Thursday, May 25, 2006

Al Gore: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Former Vice President Al Gore’s docu-movie on global warming fears debuts today, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Ironically, there is an inconvenient counter-weight to his spin-fest: a new video from the Competitive Enterprise Institute which has tracked Mr. Gore’s own “carbon footprint.”

The CEI notes that the oracle of the environment is a big user of hydrocarbon fuels that produce carbon dioxide when combusted. Mr. Gore has continued to crusade for changes in the way the rest of us live, and his companion book by the same name also suggests ways that you and I can reduce our carbon footprint...but apparently not Mr. Gore.

In presenting his global warming, death-by-Power Point slide show more than 1,000 times around the world, the CEI figures Al Gore has burned more hydrocarbons than most of us average Americans…and actually made more of a contribution to the very problems he’s preaching about.

Myron Ebell, CEI's Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy, who's been a frequent guest on my show, says, "All the evidence suggests that Mr. Gore is an elitist who passionately believes that the people of the world must drastically reduce their energy use but that it doesn't apply to him."

Hey, when you're the inventor of the Internet, life has certain priviledges.

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mrbig said...

And the movie's producer, Laurie David, flies around the country in a private jet shilling for green issues. How much sense does that make??
On a lighter note, check this out: