Monday, May 29, 2006

Not Just for Yahoo's

Someone recently remarked that they liked my show, but felt they could get the same information from I received this criticism second-hand, so part of the meaning might have been lost in the translation.

Regardless, I refute the comment because first, I don’t use Yahoo for my content, and secondly, I think most of you are smarter than that.

Much of the material I share with you each morning comes from a plethora of sources: financial commentators, news services, press releases, and the fruits of my own curiosity following a down a story to its source. While I am not a financial wizard, and am sometimes mistaken for playing one on the radio, my root passion has always been in the journalistic side of things. Just as not everyone can manage the money of others’ effectively, not all are able to effectively tell a story about a stock, a company, a management style, or an event that can affect all of these. I just happen to be pretty fair at sharing the stories that involve numbers.

Tuesday morning’s line up will be altered from weeks past, with my return to a two-hour show length, 6a-8a, followed by Vince Rowe from 8a-9a. A couple of semi-regular guests will be on the show tomorrow: Nancy Zambell, an investment guru and financial advisor from Nashville, who is also regularly featured in The Money Digest, and Connie Rogers, Sr. VP of Wealth Management Services for Compass Bank.

One of those stories I ran across and have tracked-down will be told with the help of Professor Zhong Lin Wang from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Prof. Wang has devised a sensor that can harvest mechanical energy and convert it into electricity. This is one of those cutting-edge, get-in-front-of-the-parade stories I like to bring to you on the show.

And from the cult of “the Millionaire Next Door” comes the wit and wisdom of Bill Wagner, and “The Entrepreneur Next Door.”

By the way…it’s put-up or shut up time. If you are interested in sponsoring my show on The BizRadioNetwork, let’s talk. I can tell your story, too. Meanwhile, I’ll see you in the morning on the Radio.

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