Monday, June 27, 2011

The End of Days (on CBS Radio)

So this is the final week of The Talk650 Morning Show on CBS Radio’s KIKK-AM. This should not come as a surprise to you who have been listening to the show for a while…but if you did miss the announcement—here’s the deal:

CBS notified us at the beginning of the month the format on this station would be changing at the end of June. CBS did not tell us what that new format would be, however, and as we now enter the final, five days of our existence here, we still don’t have anything substantive to tell you about what you may or may not hear on this dial position next Monday, July 4. 
It won’t be me.

For the past three weeks, we’ve received many messages of support and expressions of sadness that this show is leaving the station…and for that we are appreciative.

Out of fairness I should point out that CBS could have handled this much differently—they could have not said anything until this Friday. It could have been a total surprise. Instead, Brian Purdy, the General Manager here, allowed us the courtesy of a full month’s notice in order to prepare for the transition—to move the show elsewhere, to ease the change for our sponsors.

I have been at stations in which the management has come in after the show and simply said, “that was your last show.” In fact, the last place I worked, that was the case. The Radio business is not a kind business, and there are people who do not always have your best interests at heart. (I take some satisfaction in knowing that the previous outlet is no longer in business; love the karma.) So I appreciate Brian’s willingness to give us a gentleman’s heads-up about the change, prepare our advertisers, and allow time to wind things down.

As of this morning, there are still a couple of options in play and under negotiation for our change of address. I had hoped we could tell you sooner where we’re going, but sometimes things don’t work out like you’d prefer.

Sunrise from the 19th Floor,
CBS Radio/Houston
I may take some time off; it was somewhat comforting to think that next Monday, the alarm clock will not rouse me at a quarter to four for the first time in about 12-years. (I imagine that feeling will last for about a week, for I will be restless to get back behind a microphone on a station near you.) 

I will miss the spectacular sunrises from the 19th floor of the CBS Radio Broadcasting Complex & Deli; there is a long list of things I will not miss.

Special thanks to Tim Nesmith, our long-suffering Producer, who has stood by us through thick and thin, made sure no one put anything in our water, and kept varmints out of the studio. He’s been a good sport and a real trouper. An honorable mention goes out to Ross Peters, our Account Executive here at CBS, who always believed in this project, always believed in the format on the station when no one else at CBS did…and apparently, they still do not.

Radio stations change, people move on, and life goes on. 
I am sure our paths will cross again; for a big city, Houston is a small town. My thanks to you for your support and your patronage of our advertisers. 
I hope to see you again, soon, on the Radio.


Dad said...

We listen to your show up here in Central Texas via the internet. Your most informative and entertaining show will be greatly missed. I will be keeping track of you and listening where ever you are on the air. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Sniff Sniff!!!
That mic looks so lonely!

We will follow you where ever you go! We believe in you, and all your hard work to put the best show on each morning in our great city "Houston"
It's refreshing to listen to a show that has it's listeners best interest and NOT just the all mighty dollar!
You "Brent Clanton" are a legend!
Waiting to hear where you will land next.

Anonymous said...

I just started listening to your show(my wife had told me about it)during the great recession, and I am sorry that you are leaving. Each morning I would look forward driving my kids to school, then to the bus stop all the while listening to your show. Thanks for the informative radio show.