Friday, July 01, 2011

The Last Telegraphers

I have sometimes wondered what, should this day ever come, it would feel like to walk out of this studio for the last time. It feels like it did the last time—only it wasn’t this studio, precisely. People leave jobs every day; people move on all the time. The circle of life…

And to me it’s indescribable: In no other job that I know of can you sit in a tiny room, surrounded by glass and padding and talk out loud for hours. (Well, there is one other place like that…) 

In no other occupation do you have the opportunity to touch so many lives at once on a regular basis. There are very few gigs that combine such exciting possibilities with such overwhelmingly profound responsibilities to those you touch on a daily, hourly basis.

I have tasted from this cup often; it is intoxicating nectar, this stuff called Radio. And the nectar is changing flavors, the liquid is growing murky, and in some places, it’s evaporating all together.

To you who have supported us over the past 37-months of this show’s evolution, I must give a heartfelt thank you. To the advertisers and sponsors who have literally put your money where our mouths are, words just are not enough. Your support has enabled us to greet the world each morning, examine the business of our lives in detail, and provide answers and solutions to life’s big and no-so-big challenges.

This business is changing. 

And while we’re not completely done yet, there is handwriting on the wall: Station groups continue to morph and evolve as audience tastes shift and become more refined—more discerning. How you listen to what I do in this little room is the fundamental change that is reshaping this industry. Today we’re beamed on the AM band, we’re streamed on the internet, tagged, posted, tweeted and linked by strings of ones and zeros that boggle the brain.

Ten years from now, how will we come to you? Ten years from now, how will you find us—morning show hosts, liner-card reading DJ’s, and electronic newsmen and women? Ten years isn’t long…but it may be all it takes.

Radio is changing…and we must change with it to survive. 
We are the last telegraphers.

You can catch me this weekend on The Automotive Reporter Radio Show with Harold Gunn, Sunday morning at 8am on AM 1560 The Game.

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