Thursday, June 23, 2011

Afghanistan: Who Are We Kidding?

Last night President Barak Obama told us “the tide of war is receding.” I don’t know what shore Mr. Obama is gazing from, but if anything, the tide is coming in, and Mr. Obama is playing in the sand…or has his head stuck in it.

There is no question US involvement in Afghanistan is un-sustainable at its present level. We cannot afford the $2-billion a day price tag this conflict costs you and I.

However, this president, who has no military experience, has chosen to ignore the best advice of his generals in drawing down American troop levels at a rate that should cause the Taliban to dance with glee.

By the way, despite the fact that the instant-information media-industry can tell you when the President sneezes before Mrs. Obama can say, ‘gesundheit,’ is it really a good idea to tell your enemy when you’re going to go away from a field of battle? All the Taliban has to do now is bide its time.

Here’s the reality check for all of us: World War II ended 66-years ago this year. There are still US troops in Japan and Germany, the countries we defeated. Who’s kidding whom in saying all of our troops will be leaving Afghanistan?

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