Thursday, June 02, 2011

All the News that's Fit to Spit...and then some

A word about Newsletters…we publish one here for the Talk650 Morning Show. It goes out each week to close to 10,000 subscribers, best I can tell. That’s pretty impressive when you’re trying to get a message out…it’s a little embarrassing when the message doesn’t go out as intended…or in the case of this week’s newsletter, an un-intended message is sent.

On Wednesday's show we announced CBS Radio’s plans to change the format on this station, and I wrote an editorial which aired at the beginning of the day's episode.

As is the case with many live Radio shows, and in particular with me, I edit on the fly. Something I write the night before may sound/read brilliantly witty and wonderfully urbane under the dim light of my work desk…but upon second reflection, on the morning of the show, I may decide it to be tripe, garbage, and not worthy of my breath, much less your time.

However…Tuesday’s editorial, which was edited extensively by me on the fly, on the air…was grabbed en-total from my show script, and published un-edited in this week’s newsletter, warts and all. Very embarrassing.

So I find myself compelled to devote a few minutes to apologize to CBS Radio for the gaffe, and also to explain in further detail that there is a level of sincere appreciation to CBS Radio for allowing me the luxury of remaining on the air for the rest of the month. They didn’t have to do that.

In fact, as is usually the case in a Radio station format change, once the announcement is made, generally a day or so before execution of the switch, the air staff is summarily dismissed. We’re instead being given the grace period of 30-days to conclude our business with our sponsors and advertisers, and also the opportunity to thank you for your support and say our fare thee well’s.

I appreciate that.
Despite what was published in the newsletter.
In fact, the newsletter piece contains verbiage that I would not have uttered—did not say—upon deeper reflection.

So to my colleagues here at CBS Radio, I first apologize for the gaffe…and second, express my appreciation for the time to make this apology, and hopefully redeem my tarnished reputation between now and the end of the month.

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