Tuesday, August 05, 2008

TS Edouard Blow by Blow Report

(Near the Eye of the Storm) Tropical Storm Edouard is assaulting Texas and Louisiana with wind, rain, and confusion. This was supposed to be a big deal.

The media descended upon Galveston Island to capture compelling images of nature’s fury, only to find nothing.

One intrepid reporter this morning, grasping for some morsel of danger with which to infuse her live-shot, harkened back to The Great Storm of 1900 for proper impact.

For those of you scanning the internet with first-person reports of the storm from a Houston perspective, there’s not a lotta nada here.
Think heavy rains—we call them Texas Dews—and some higher than normal winds.

On the upside, traffic was lighter than usual coming in this morning, and people with Jury Duty were excused. I’m just hoping the power stays on so my DVD viewing marathon won’t be interrupted.

From Storm Watch Central, hasta osmosis, amoeba.

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