Monday, August 11, 2008

Madam Speaker, Speak to Me

For a few weeks I’ve ranted and raved about Congress taking off for the Summer without achieving any meaningful legislation with regard to energy policy in this country.

While it is sometimes good that our elected representatives become so hopelessly gridlocked they can do no damage, there do exist some very real problems for which they were sent to Washington to solve. So to adjourn without doing so is a little like getting paid for doing nothing.

Tonight, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes an appearance on The Larry King Show. I expect ol’ Lar’ is going to toss some softballs at Madame Speaker; I do not expect much in the way of ground-breaking news coverage.

Unless, of course, you get involved.
We’ve given out the numbers for Speaker Pelosi’s offices (and if you missed them, they are: Washington, D.C.: 202-225-4965;
San Francisco: 415-556-4862.)
But just in case you really want to stir the pot tonight, here’s the number to call the show: 800-676-2100.
I’d start calling now to get in the que…

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