Monday, August 11, 2008

Gainfully Employed

I’ve been a little busy, noticing it’s been a while since I posted here.
Funny thing, when you’re “between jobs,” your schedule becomes more crowded than when in the traditional “working” mode.
At least, that’s been the case for me.

That’s all changing today.
I am employed.

You will continue to hear me on the Radio as a real live host for UBuildIt and their cadre of experts in design, construction, finance and doing things the right way—the UBuildIt way (shameless plug).

But starting today I am joining a company that is uniquely positioned to provide a conduit of commerce between small to medium businesses (and maybe some big’n’s) and local television stations. It’s all about capturing more market share for both sides of the transactional equation. The company is GreenLinkNetworks, Inc., and the program might be best described as frequent flyer miles on steroids.

Local TV stations are expected to make more than $1.1 billion for online advertising this year, a 45% increase over last year, according to Borrell Associates. I will be part of the team in Houston building a network of merchants and service providers tapping into this revenue pipeline.

Some of you will be hearing from me very soon, because I am anxious to share this concept with you. If you can’t wait for me to call, drop me an e-mail or respond through this blog, and I will get it touch.

Now, I’ve got to get to work…

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Anonymous said...

We love UBuildIt. They helped us in ways that no one else could.

Thanks for the plug, shameless or not :)

Happy Owner Builder in Texas!