Friday, January 04, 2008

The Post-Christmas GPS-Blues

There seem to be more and more incidents surfacing of people getting into trouble with their new GPS boxes.

The latest episode is with a guy from California trying to get around in New York (I know, that sounds like the premise for a mildly-entertaining sit com)...who followed the GPS prompts from his rental car, winding up driving onto a commuter rail track, where the car contacted the electrified third-rail, and caught fire.

Yep--the rental car caught a metro train in its grille, stalling 500-commuters. The hapless traveller now finds himself liable for damages to the rental car--and the train!

That would not have happened with the
Can-To-To $49.95 GPS system we were talking about before the holidays: Your mother in law in the backseat with a megaphone.
Works every time.

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