Monday, January 07, 2008

Iranian Navy, Soylent Gravy, and No Dough

CNN’s lead story this afternoon: “Five Iranian Revolutionary Guard boats "harassed and provoked" three U.S. Navy ships early Sunday in international waters, the U.S. military said Monday, calling the encounter a "significant" confrontation.”

The corrected lead should have been written this way: “The US Navy allowed five vessels of the Iranian Navy to cavort to within 200-yards while in international waters today, but restrained from answering the Iranians' provocative maneuvers with cannon fire.”

It was a significant confrontation, alright, in that the US warships decided not to vaporize the Iranian boats.

From the Pick-your-Poison Dept., unemployment is perceived to be growing. The price of oil came down to $97/bbl as a result of last week's jobs numbers. Of course, the high price of oil caused some companies to lay off workers, so there may be a double-whammy effect here: The more you lay off, the more oil prices drop, the less expense is incurred for energy.

Why don’t we just jump ahead to the Soylent Green solution?

Crispy Kreme CEO Darryl Brewster is no longer with the company. Hired to help turn around the business, Brewster apparently went through too much dough.

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