Monday, January 21, 2008

I Have a Dream List

Today is Martin Luther King Day…no mail delivery… banks are closed... and in some cities, there will be more than one MLK Parade.
I’ve never understood that.

One Martin Luther King, two parades. One’s not enough? Is this like churches with two services, one early, and one later on, for those who can’t overcome the night before on time for services?

Without meaning to be indelicate, I’ve got to ask whether there’s a competition on to see who can out-King one another today?
Wonder what he’d think about all this noise?

King had a dream, but it was an unpopular one at the time for the established leadership and most of the media. Over the weekend Kenyon College History Professor Glenn McNair noted that “Dr.King has slipped into the realm of symbol that people use and manipulate for their own purposes.” That doesn't mean just political purposes, either.

If you have a honey-do list and errands to run for today, that point is proven.

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