Monday, January 21, 2008

Behind the Scenes at BizRadio1110am/KTEK

There is a scene in the new “Bucket List” movie where Morgan Freeman’s character, a wizened automobile mechanic, is waxing some young, flat-belly in an impromptu round of trivial pursuit.

“Who invented Radio?” asks the junior grease monkey, crawling out from under a car.
“You mean who got credit for inventing Radio, or who actually did the deed?” Freeman’s character fires back.
And then he launches into a narrative of how Marconi was credited for inventing Radio on the back of work Nikolai Tesla had actually done, and to whom, posthumously, the patent for Radio was eventually awarded.

Wonder how either inventor would feel about being the point of a minor scene in a major motion picture?
Wonder what they’d think as The BizRadio Network’s flagship station in Houston begins to shift its operations and dial position at the end of the month, to BizRadio 1110am/KTEK?
I think Marconi and Tesla would be pretty amazed at how the Medium has developed since 1897, and particularly interested in how things have changed. From it’s lowly beginnings, Radio has become a small medium at large. (Yes, I have waited years to spring that one on you.)
In just a few days, our Houston operations will shift to new, temporary facilities under construction just across the hall from my palatial office in the posh, Galleria Financial District. It’s not going to be mistaken for the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise, but its workings will be no less magical.
Right now there are boxes and cartons of equipment scattered about in a strategic pattern. Cords and cables are coiled on the floor in anticipation of their marriage to digital relays, processors, and microphones. Even the mic booms are at attention, ready to receive their delicate barrels of aluminum and copper.
Prominent in these facilities, and in the eventual, permanent Studios we’ll be building in The BizRadio Learning Center this spring, are computer servers emblazoned with the Google logo. Scott Studios is the audio management system we use for The BizRadio Network. A few years back, they were acquired by D-Marc, which in turn was gobbled by Google.

It’s a noun and a verb.
It’s even an adjective. If you’re Google-able, you’ve arrived.
Or if your trademark name is emblazioned all over computer servers the color of lime sherbet, which is also a sign of success.

Watch this space as the pace intensifies.
February 1 is just a few days away…and we’ll be seeing you on the Radio.
Tesla would be proud.

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