Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Recap

Is there a screw loose somewhere in O.J.Simpson’s head? He’s in jail in Las Vegas in connection with an alleged armed robbery involving sports memorabilia at a casino-hotel.

Simpson is being held without bail on robbery and assault charges. Saturday night, he was captured on video, whistling "If I Only Had a Brain," as he entered a limo following a wedding in 'Vegas.
How prophetic.

Maybe he’ll use the jail time wisely… perhaps to work on a second book, “If I Stole It…”

Caught the new Jodie Foster film, "The Brave One," over the weekend. Hope John Hinkley, Jr. gets to see it; might make him think twice about ever trying to impress her again.

This is a very disturbing movie on a lot of levels.

First, it's quite violent. I don't recommend it for young teens (I know, I know, they see worse on network TV and some video games). The portrayal of the violence, and the premeditation that is depicted, however, is really intense.

Secondly, the metamorphosis of the character Foster portrays is creepy. You can see her sheding layers of civility and self-restraint with each sequential act of revenge. The director of the film, Neil Jordan, reportedly said working with Ms. Foster on this movie was eery because she was able to tap into a true, dark side of herself in her portrayal.

The third aspect of "The Brave One" that I find deeply troubling is how many people are resonating with its message. There was actual applause at one point during the screening I attended, as the audience connected with the character's need to avenge the death of her fiancee. We can all relate to that emotion.

No one wants to see a loved one harmed, certainly not bludgeoned to death, as was the case in this film. There is a line of thought that asks, however, whether we become no better than the attackers when we seek to avenge a murder (or any other wrongs against us.)

But deep within us there is also a place that even subconsciously judges between right and wrong. We know the difference between good and evil, and keep a tally of the points between us and everyone else. Some of us can withstand more abuse than others. I am not sure how I would respond in the same situation.

I do know this--if thugs knew there was a chance of such retribution--an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a bullet for a mugging and a crowbar in the skull for bruising society with criminal activity--there'd be fewer inmates in our prisons, and a lot less crime to deal with by police.

I am not advocating vigilante justice or circumventing the courts. But if the bad guys knew more citizens were packing heat and willing to use it, I'm guessing a lot less stealing and robbing, raping and devilment would occur in the first place.

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Kenny said...

Amen, Brother Clanton.