Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coming to America

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday challenged the audience at Columbia University to look into "who was truly involved" in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, while defending his right to question established Holocaust history, and denying the existence of gay Iranians.

He must also believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and have friends renting space in Area 51.

The Iranian head of state was chagrinned over his treatment on campus, which he considered disrespectful. That comes with the territory, and he's not getting any better or worse treatment than President Bush receives from 70% of the American public on any given day.

Get over it.
This is what freedom of speech is all about--and why Ahmadinejad was able to speak from the stage of the University in the first place. What was hoped by the Iranian government to be a political coup in fact became an occasion for international embarassment of its leader.

Today California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will sign legislation prohibiting that state's investments in companies doing business with Iran because of its support of terrorists.
Say what you want; actions speak louder than words.
On both sides of the ocean.


latree said...

What makes you call it 'the face of evil'? Who's evil? The one who do the most simple way living life as a president, to save the states money?
What makes you think iranian are terrorrist?
What do you think Bush has done to Iraq? That's terror!

Brent Clanton said...

Dear Latree--

The world is a multi-faceted thing, and we each view it from different perspectives; you from Indonesia, me from Texas.

A man who dismisses the facts of the Holocaust, who calls for the destruction of another country (Israel, the United States), and provides explosives and personnel to kill American soldiers--that's a pretty evil countennance from this side of the globe.

Latree, I don't believe all Iranians are terrorists. Not all Middle Easterner's are terrorists, either, but the men who hijacked the planes that flew into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a farm pasture in Pennsylvania were Middle Eastern, and unfortunately, that paints public opinion about who terrorists typically are.

Pres. Bush and the American Congress were all in agreement at the time on why it was a good idea to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein's dictatorship. Do you deny his regime was evil?

The terror that continues in that country (and has appeared in your's) is the work of evil men who seek to impose their rule on people against their will.

The Iraqi people have suffered greatly as a result; that is the nature of war and revolutions. At the end of the process, however, are the fruits of freedom and liberty. Nothing worth fighting for--like freedom--comes easily.