Monday, September 10, 2007

Smacking bin Laden and Markets

Have you read through the transcript of Osama Bin Laden’s rambling video-rant this weekend?
What a waste of time.

Bin Laden’s take on American history is…er, creative…and his pot shots at the way we live in America are just bizarre--given he’s the one still hiding in caves.
What a twisted, evil man.

The MTV Video Music Awards remind me why I am glad I got out of music radio.

Can we put a moratorium on Brittney Spears?
And a bathrobe?

Today is a big day for Advanced Micro Devices---they're rolling out a new server chip. The new and improved (with enzymes!) Opteron processor boasts four computing engines on a single chip, instead of just one or two.
Does it matter?
Is it too little too late for AMD, the perennial also-ran against Intel?

One thing that's worth noting is that AMD is using a different engineering strategy than its competitot. Intel's four-core chips really are a package of two chips with two cores apiece.

AMD's quad-core chip places all the cores on a single piece of silicon. Other than heat issues, it would seem logical that arrangement will provide a bit more efficiency. Let's see if the public buys it.

There are 6 1/2 trading sessions until the Federal Reserve says for certain what it is doing with interest rates. Is this like counting the number of shopping days before Christmas?

Good thing Football Season has begun…there’ll always be a winning score, and the adjectives seem to be so much more colorful this time of year: Bernie Ebers on Friday wrote, "The broad market was soundly smacked lower..."

Ah, the sound of a fresh-smacked market in the morning...

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