Friday, September 07, 2007

A Day in the Life...

The morning started out simply enough.
Walk in, turn off the alarms, and get to work.
Spool up the computers in the studio (turn down the obnoxious foreign-language programming shrieking through the studio monitors), and put on some nerve-soothing Steely Dan. That's about as good as it got.

First the log-in sequence for the shared ftp-site resisted access.
Then the satellite audio from the network failed…
My first guest could not be located…

The onsite Producer issued a request for an engineer to go to the transmitter site to reset the satellite transmitter. The facilities manager responded to a plea for technical assistance with a smarmy e-mail about being sure to keep track of expenses when dispatching their rent-a-engineer to the transmitter site…

The notes for my second guest (who did show up) made absolutely no sense whatsoever.
An hour into the show, the shared ftp-site was still inaccessible by our studio engineers…and the network news feed had to be played via a shaky internet access point.

75-minutes into the show, the Rent-a-engineer calls and said he didn’t know what to do, and had to call another contract engineer…despite the fact he performed this function just last month. Selective amnesia on our nickel?

90-minutes along…still no CNN from any source.
Blue adjectives were flying around in the next studio…and the local news and traffic staff were writing generic feeds suitable for both dual market listeners.

By 8am, the satellite snafu was been rectified, but we’re still struggling with ftp sites and access codes. At eight-minutes into the next show, my missing guest called in for her interview. Sadly, I had to break the news she'd missed her 15-minutes of fame by about two-hours.
Sure glad it’s Friday.

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