Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Working things Out

What are they paying you to show up for work this morning? According to Dallas Fed President Richard Fischer, welders in Texas are being paid $25/hour, with a $100 bonus for showing up, and a bonus for completing the work.

Excuse me--but what are they being PAID for?? What are these guys—welders or NBA players? Next thing you know, welders will have agents.

“Eruh, my client prefers to weld pipe from the outside, not from the inside out, and wants fresh cream cheese with his bagels and Starbucks. Don’t forget the blue and green M&M’s… And be sure the company limo comes 15-minutes early so he has time to get his steel toe boots shined…”

I am definitely in the wrong line of work.
Please pass the acetylene tank.

Don’t you be spewing none of that Spanglish in public in Farmers’s Branch, Texas…where the townspeople have approved an English-only ordinance, and if you rent property to an illegal alien, you’re in big trouble.

Why do I keep seeing scenes of the Town Meeting in "Blazing Saddles" running through my head? How would an English-only Ordinance play in Rockridge? Pretty good, I'd imagine.
Cleavon Little must be spinning in his grave...on a Gucci saddle.

The Farmer’s Branch City Council also unanimously supports the screening of everyone held in their jail for citizenship status.

Speaking of the Twilight Zone…how do you reconcile this: Iranian President Ahmadenejad says Israel will soon be destroyed and will disappear…

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran…

...and British Prime Minister Tony Blair is trying to make nice with Iran and Syria as potential partners in peace in reining in violence in Iraq and Lebanon.
Blair has either gone off his meds, or is using medicinal marijuana…

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