Thursday, November 02, 2006

Road Rules and Kitchen Raids

I am originating The Brent Clanton Show from Dallas for the next couple of days, while I attend the national convention of the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society.
Travel always presents new challenges and opportunities, and sometimes a few surprises.

Not that I am nosy, but this morning I had to raid the kitchen of the offices of BizRadio1360, in the posh Rolex Building, in the fashionable northwest side of down town Dallas.
It’s always interesting to see what the staff in various workplaces will keep on hand.

There are the usual left-over supplies of soy sauce and fortune cookies from the last 6 deliveries of Chi-food, plastic ware, salt ‘n pepper packets, and (what would life be like without) Splenda.

These guys in Dallas like to live—and eat—high on the hog, too. Some pretty interesting boxed foods and tins of tuna, plus gourmet stuff, like pure-spun honey, and an item that caught my eye, crunchy peanut butter.

(Note to office manager at BizRadio 1360—Yes, I ate the remaining scraps of Peter Pan in that year-old jar...I’ll get you a fresh one later today.)

The first rule of office kitchen scavenging—it’s okay to eat their food, so long as you replace it.

The folks up here are a spirited group.
By that I mean they appreciate fine spirits from time to time…and apparently, fairly frequently, as evidenced by the half full (or is it half-empty) wine bottle on the counter. Isn’t that stuff supposed to be kept refrigerated after it's been opened?

Did you know that Fortune Cookies are best ingested when aged for at least 30-days in a dark kitchen drawer? The taste is mellowed, and a bit of a delicate bouquet emanates from the pouch when the cellophane seal is finally breached. I don’t know if the fortunes in fortune cookies are time sensitive or not, however.

And I’ll end with this philosophically rhetorical question: Is your fortune, as expressed on the slip of paper in a fortune cookie, pre-destined to be your fortune, and does it ring true whether you open the fortune cookie or not?

Meanwhile, I’m going to go for that banana in the bottom of the employee fridge before someone gets creative and turns it into pudding.

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