Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

What is the deal with all the hoopla over Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s wedding over the weekend? I will confess to a certain affinity for Holmes, and Cruise has been an entertaining personality—on and off the big screen—but let’s look at this in realistic terms:

It’s his third marriage, her first;
both have been tabloid fodder with their respective liaisons with other partners, Cruise while still married to another; they show up for their wedding with their illegitimate daughter in tow…

When I was growing up, such a public display of immoral behavior would have never occurred, and careers were ruined over adulterous behavior.

Perhaps it's just Life imitating Art, if you consider Holmes’ career was made playing the femme fatale on a teenage slut-opera, Dawson's Creek.

But that’s the way it’s done these days…
Exactly my point.

Did you ever stop to think how our impressionable society might behave if the icons it perceives as role models adopted a higher standard of morals?

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