Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ray's Birthday

March first marks the turn from Winter to Spring.
Hard to tell the difference in our little corner of Texas, where the trees have been budding for a week, and the local Azalea Festival operators were icing the roots of their plants to stunt the flowering mechanism until the festival rolls around later this month. Unless we catch a good cold snap with a freeze, we’re headed for a bumper crop of fleas and ticks this Summer.

March first is also the birthday of one of our Board Operators, Ray Whitworth, who handles the weekend shows for our Dallas affiliate, BizRadio1360/KMNY-AM. Ray’s almost as old as I am…by about two weeks.

I’ve introduced you to Ray before in this space.
He pestered and pestered me for a job when the news broke the BizRadioNetwork was expanding into the Dallas-Ft. Worth market.
Persistence pays off.
He got the job.

Ray’s persistence has also benefited him in other ways.
He’s weathered the technical challenges we’ve encountered in our expansion. He’s mitigated the fallout with our weekend hosts from those gaffs. He’s kept his sense of humor.

Ray has also battled against some formidable demons in his life from health challenges. When you have your health, most anything is possible to achieve.
When you don’t, it’s tough.

They say things that don’t kill you make you stronger.
Ray’s got the strength of ten men, if that’s the case.
I’m glad he’s on our team.

Happy Birthday, Ray!

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