Friday, March 10, 2006


You’ll hear a slightly different blend of a familiar sound on The BizRadioNetwork Morning Show starting Monday. We’re re-arranging our team to provide better content for you by bringing Vince Rowe into the show with me from 6a-8a, and placing Scott Murray in the 8a-9a hour.

Programming a Radio station is tricky. People don’t like change, basically, even when the change has potential to have a better outcome. I would not characterize the changes at the previous dial position for our programming to have been a positive change, certainly.

In 2004, Infinity Broadcasting’s boasting hosting Howard Stern in Houston was trotted out by Management as the most brilliant programming coup in history. History would later prove it to be a colossal flop for the station. In fact, I recall predicting that the eventual outcome of that gambit would be a royal screwing of Infinity by the indefatigable Mr. Stern. You play with fire you get burned. Perhaps a more accurate metaphor involves with laying down with pigs and getting slopped all over.

Both depictions came to pass.

Stern jumped ship to take his Thesaurus of blue adjectives to satellite radio, trumpeting the move in his show for months before the event. Now CBS Radio is suing him for fraud and theft of airtime. They still make such a happy couple.

I once worked for a different Radio operating company that flew me into a market with a platoon of engineers and disc jockeys to flip the format on a station from Easy Listening to Classic Rock. We pulled it off—a complete surprise—over a 4th of July weekend. But the hue and cry raised by the elderly listeners was pretty aggressive. Change is tough.

Monday’s changes will be comparatively minor.

I will still be here for you with my irreverent takes on events of the day, and the occasional pun. We’re going to integrate Vince Rowe as our “uber color commentator” to those events that we cover, and Scott Murray’s contacts in the sports and media world will provide a window on inspirational examples of success that you’re just not going to be able to get anywhere else on the dial.

Let us know how we’re doing. The most important aspect of any new endeavor is the feedback from you.
I’ll see you Monday morning on the Radio.

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