Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On the Road Again...

(Irving, Texas) There is deep within all of us, I suppose, a degree of wanderlust. I always had a minor fantasy about heading west on I-10, following the sunset to what ever adventure might lay before me.

I got that out of my system recently, driving back and forth from Houston to San Antonio every week.
White-line fever is no fun.

Today I am writing from the Metroplex, as Vince Rowe and I begin to congeal our partnership in the morning show. One of the attractions of doing Radio in the 21st Century is that I can literally do the show anywhere. Have codec, will travel. Vince is now hosting his part of the show from his office, which he has converted into a mini remote studio.

Vince's office looks like it was the target of an IED with a payload of paint. Vivid purples, yellows, oranges are liberally splashed throughout the suite, complimenting the light oak furniture, and the prominent BizRadioNetwork logo on display. Radio's face--and location--is changing.

As Vince and I continue to shape and form the show, look for some surprises…like taking the show on the road—and in the air—to the other side of the globe. More details to come.

Meanwhile, no wanderlust, just a boarding pass for a silver bird to take me home this evening.

I'll see you in the morning on the Radio.

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Vince said...

Thanks for the visit Brent. We enjoyed having you in the office and look forward to seeing you soon! Vince, Brandon, and the whole Dallas team.