Friday, March 03, 2006

(Life or) Death and Taxes

I spent a little time with my favorite doctors this week. They’re my favorite because the know my most intimate, inner workings, and when my mechanisms start to run a little rough, they have the ability to tune things up. Some tune-ups take longer than others, and it seems, the older I get, the cause and effect cycles of their curative powers seem to grow longer.

I was pretty amazed to get an appointment with my otolaryngologist, see a real live MD, and have prescription medicine in my system within two hours of my initial phone call.

That’s fantastic. Two hours, start to finish, including travel time.
For this service, I paid $25 for the Doctor Visit and $10 for the prescription.

What do you think that visit really cost?
You probably haven’t a clue.

Unless I read my statements line my line, I don’t have a clear picture of what my healthcare is really costing my provider, and indirectly, me.

That’s going to change as businesses continue to cut operating costs—including the expense of employee healthcare—and patients shoulder more of the financial load for getting well and staying well. Only when individuals feel the full pain of medical costs will behaviors and policies change.

I received a love note from the IRS yesterday.
They’d love me to send them about $7,000 for back taxes they say I owe for underreported income a couple of years back.
Bet they would.

Letters like that can really take the edge off your day. I immediately burrowed into my cavernous closet to locate my tax records for the year in question. Much to my relief, I found the files.
There are certain benefits to being an anal-retentive packrat.

I located all the pay statements, ran the numbers, and Lo! And Behold! Not only did I completely and fully report all of my income for the year in question, I discovered a math error in my favor indicating the Federales are actually on the hook to me for me a few dollars more.

Watch this space for further details. I’ll walk you through the process as it unfolds! Until then, have a safe weekend.
I'll see you on the Radio Monday morning.

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