Thursday, February 09, 2006

Trick Ponies and Horse Operas

Category: Jobs I would not like to have.
Description: Comic Book Store owner in Baghdad

Just a random thought this morning…I wonder how many of these homicide bombers would push the plunger if they knew that instead of 72-virgins and immortality they were really going to become cartoon characters after the blast?

Reminds me of a line from "Roger Rabbit," when Jessica Rabbit proclaims, "I'm not really bad, I'm just drawn that way."

There is a circus performing on a plot of land next to our offices in Houston. Cavalia is for all practical purposes, a horse opera.

Exquisitely trained horses and performers have been rehearsing for weeks on the grassy knoll across the street, juggling bowling pins, jumping somersaults, and who knows what else…and what was once a beautiful plot of green is now a horse corral, complete with fencing and…methane sources.

I hear it’s a good show…but with my personal saddle sores, I have not been inspired to spur myself to see the show. I also duck punches and wince in fight scenes in movie theaters.
Drives my wife nuts.

I understand they’ve extended the Cavalia show for a 4th week of performances. What would really be interesting is to hold them over until the Livestock Show and Rodeo hits town…and let’em compete.

Now that's entertainment!

Today is Kristina Ramirez' birthday.

I won't say which one, but she can rent a car today... legally.

While I was working from home for the past few weeks, Kristina kept working away, by herself in the studio, all alone, but kept her great attitude.

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