Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things that Make You Go, "Hmmm," Part Deaux

Pumping Expectations

There has been much speculation on what and how much effect Iran’s nuclear ambitions may have on the rest of the world. One thing is clear, given the irrational, over-the-top reaction of radical Muslims to a Dannish cartoon panel, it’s probably not a good thing for a nation with similar sensitivities to have access to nuclear weapons. Can you imagine how they’d react to a full-column editorial?

And how did a Dannish cartoonist’s insensitivity morph into “death to America” chants by irrational rug merchants? Are they that geographically challenged?

Sorry, didn’t mean to demean the carpet industry. I’m floored.

A survey recently revealed that moneyed-people in America assign only a small percentage of risk to the likelihood that a wild-card event would upset the economic equilibrium. We’re more worried about debt—national as well as personal—than the odds of another 9-eleven.

Is that a trained-response, or is there more than meets the eye?

Goldman Sachs forecast a barrel of oil would exceed $100 last year. It didn’t happen…yet. With the U.S. now openly planning contingencies for a nuclear Iran, how much speculative boost do you think that will inject into the price of oil?

A backwards glance to the “Katrina” effect is a clue…but the reality might not be as harsh as imagined. Should Iran pull its oil off the market (or it be blasted off the market), there is ample reserve supply to make up for its 3.92-million barrel-a-day to the global “addiction” to oil, according to the International Energy Agency.

Iran’s slice of the oil supply over the next 18-months would be about 2.1 billion barrels of oil. The IEA member nations have in reserve 4.1-billion barrels. But you’re not being told that. Instead, the saber-rattling is also rattling nerves, and making me wonder if the real market makers in the oil bidness are those who would incite irrational apathy for supply outlooks, thus hiking prices.

Sort of makes you go, “hmmmm.”


Over the weekend I dismantled The Studio at The Clanton Hacienda.

You may recall last week I was forced to drive to the station to do the show when internet service at my home failed. Buddy, Kristina, Justin, Tim and I had such a fun reunion, I decided to see how many days in a row I could hold up, driving to the station.

Made it through the week.

So, Saturday was completely expended reclaiming bedroom real estate, disconnecting cables and wires, and re-boxing and packing equipment. My safety net was furled. While the week was much more tiring than I expected, there was an exhileration from being able to get out and about again.

Things are getting back to normal, with a few minor issues to resolve. I am still unable to get too far away from a facility of convenience, but can at least go to the store and do for myself. Today I am wearing real pants, with belt loops and pockets, with a relative degree of comfort. That's a first.

That's a milestone.

I am cancer-free.
Today I turn 51.


GB1 said...

Happy B-Day!!!

Don Thomson said...

Too Cool! Way to go Brent! Congrats on your recovery and on your Birthday as well! So good to hear you on the radio even if I only get to listen to a part of your show.