Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Behind Behind the Scenes

The internet at my house is out.
I am posting this from a "foreign" computer.

Internet outtages happen.
They're a fact of life.
It matters not who you get your internet service from--mine's Time Warner's impressive RoadRunner service--sooner or later, the modem's going to give you that slow-blink display indicating you've got big problems.

Like the look of a 5-year old who just smashed something...once, twice, three slow blinks on an expressionless face: "What, ME?"

If you lose cable, you can always pop in a DVD for entertainment.
If you depend on cable to do your job...well, that's a horse of a different color.
A tiger of a different stripe.
A problem that goes beyond the pale of normal electronic emergencies.

And if you are dependant upon that connectivity because you can't get out of the house, man you are really in deep.

Welcome to my world.

For the past two months, I have risen at 4am and turned on three computer screens, to get ready for the show. By the time I've gotten my robe on and staggered back from the bathroom, they're all brightly glowing in the darkness of the bedroom, and ready to log-in for the morning's businsess.

Not today.

At 4am, you have few choices.
Mine was to take a quick shower, suit up in something non-binding, and skedaddle to the Radio station studios, 20-minutes from the house.
Hey, at 4am, there are some benefits to take advantage of.

So, un-shaven but showered, and un-fed but frantic, I arrived at the studios around 5:30 to prepare for the day's show. Fortunately, the internet here works.

The ISDN and phone lines have been burpping all morning, though.
That's another call.
For my crack team of technical engineers.

See you in the morning on the Radio.
One way or the other.

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