Friday, February 03, 2006

Mixed Bag

Winding down to the Superbowl this weekend…and the name calling between the Steelers and the Patriots sounds like a speech by Julian Bond, Chariman of the NAACP…

Bond made some pretty incredible comments Wednesday at a state college in North Carolina, in which he compared the Republican Party with the Nazi Party, saying Republicans would fly the swastika alongside the stars and stripes. The Chairman of the NAACP described Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Secretary of State Colin Powell, as "tokens."

What, no "plantation" mentions, too?

Honestly, Bond’s comments this week have done more to reverse race relations in this country than ever than the years of progress initiated by Dr. Martin Luther King.

How can an organization, established and dedicated for the advancement of its members, tolerate leadership from such a myopic and inflammatory chairman?

Back to the Superbowl, where at least you know which team to root for, and real men back their name calling with brawn and brains.
I don’t have a pick.
If I watch the game at all, it will be to see the amazing TV commercials, which are generally the best of the year. I’m the only guy in my neighborhood with a reverse TIVO, altered to catch just the breaks.

I can always buy the series’ Season-boxsets at Best Buy.

Many of you have inquired about my progress following Prostate Cancer surgery in December; thank you for asking.

I am still working from home for the most part, doing the show each day from my studio in The Clanton Hacienda.

I returned to the hospital in January for two quick operations to correct scar tissue blockages, which set me back a couple of weeks.

The good news is that my PSA count was zero.

The challenge is to continue to work through the aches and pains of the recovery process. Meanwhile, I remain, “The Man in The Radio Box." Talk to you Monday morning on the Radio.

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