Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tuesday's Epilogue

The doctor called Tuesday night, alright. After I'd been enduring excruciating pain for two days, he said to meet him at the Emergency Room, where he'd called ahead for an operating room. Dragged his entire surgical team out in the middle of the night to work on me.

We thought we got everything taken care of...until 3:30am, when I was again in such pain I shook uncontrolably. The doctor was summoned again; his surgical team again rousted out of bed. Finally, relief obtained, a catheter inserted, and this boy is not going to be playing in traffic anytime soon.

My special thanks and appreciation to Shirley McIntosh and her team of nurses on duty at The Methodist Hospital in the Texas Medical Center, as Tuesday night morphed into Wednesday morning. A special note of appreciation to Nurse Natalie, and her partner on the nightshift, Brenda, who unfortunately, had to deal with the ugliest part of the ordeal. Ladies, they just don't pay you enough for that.

And no words can express my thanks to the urological surgical team of Dr. Brian Powers at Houston Urologic Associates, who performed not once, but twice, above and beyond the call of duty. I like to think of them as Dr. Power's Nocturnal Surgical Strike Team, the Delta Force of urological surgery.

Finally, my thanks to Vince Rowe who graciously stepped in the gap and hosted my show Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and Jack Warkenthien, who stood in the gap on Friday morning's show.

I am to rest through the weekend, doctor's orders.
See you on the Radio on Monday, God willing.

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Stephanie Spence said...

All good wishes for you Brent. Long time no see. Dennis keeps me posted on you and i'm sorry to see you have been a little under the weather. You sound like you have a great attitude (as you always did). Nice that you included some of the photos Dennis took. New Orleans is such a unique American city. Amazing. Take care of yourself. All the best, Stephanie Germenis Spence
Pittsburghm, PA