Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Closing out the Month

Tomorrow marks the first of February, the shortest month of the year. Lots of lasting things have happened in February. We still celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday…and George Washington’s, too, although they have to share it on another date. There’s Valentine’s Day, which for florists, Hallmark, and chocolatiers, is the Retail equivalent of the second coming.

Ironically, it’s a day short of a Retail Pentecost (50-days after Christmas). Either way you look at it, not a bad thing for a short month. And every four years we tack on an extra day to catch up our clocks, and for those whose clocks are running fast…or out, or…well, you know that drill.

New Amsterdam was incorporated in February 1653…it’s now known as New York. Thomas Jefferson began construction on Monticello in February 1769. The state of Texas seceded from the Union in February 1861…and we could do it again. It’s in our Constitution.

George Washington created the Post Office in February 1792…and 39-cents later, you can still send a hand-crafted message in your own handwriting, maybe include a photo or two, with a scent that can’t be sent in an e-mail, and it still gets there in a day or two.

In February 1922, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote…and so from a short month, a lot of lasting things have come.

My firstborn was presented to me by my bride on the First of February, 25-years ago this year. He’s a guy I’d like to hang around with even it he weren’t my son. He can make my wife laugh when the rest of the family can’t He is the peacemaker between the Clanton women when hormones and histrionics sometimes run high. And I swear he could charm the stripes off a zebra if he thought it would make things better for someone.
He’s a good kid, and I am proud of him.

And on the First of February, one year ago, we at The BizRadioNetwork wrought upon the airwaves the second coming of our brand of intelligent Radio with the birth of BizRadio1320 on KXYZ-AM in Houston--An idea that actually was conceived and birthed in the last century (barely—November 1999), but improved upon a bit, we think, to become a lasting impression-maker for a discerning audience.

We built this station, this network, for you.
We call it Radio Wall Street.
We describe it as The Sound of Your Money Growing.
And we like to proclaim it as the Official Radio Network for Capitalism.

All of those monikers are true…but the deepest-rooted truth is that those of use here who have sweated and labored and sustained this project from its earliest beginnings have done so because we wanted to make something that would last:
Your success is our legacy.
And tomorrow is our first birthday.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the second month of the 5th or 6th year (depending upon which post Y2K argument you subscribed to) of this new millennium…and it’s another first for the BizRadioNetwork. My good friend, Vince Rowe, will launch a daily edition of his Radio show starting at 8am, running Monday thru Fridays.

We’ve watched Vince grow his show and his following. He’s a teacher, a nurturer, a father, and a friend. And we think you will like what he brings to the line up each morning, just ahead of the Markets’ opening bell.

I received a note from a listener expressing his disappointment that I was not going to be on the air for as long each day, and I appreciate that sentiment. I love doing this show, and I love being on the air.

I also love my bride and family and sleep and groceries, so this is not a backwards move for me. In fact, like all things in life worth hanging onto, sometimes the less of it there is, the more precious it becomes. And that is how I would like to think of the somewhat fewer hours I will still get to spend with you…they're now a little more precious to me.

See you in the morning on the Radio.

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Vince M Rowe said...

I would like thank Brent for being so instrumental in my transformation from a classroom trainer and small business owner to a Radio (self-proclamimed)personality. I had little faith that anyone would listen, yet just the opposite is true.

I would like to assure Brent's listeners that they have the poetic license to ensure that my show stay just as interesting as Brent's, but please know that I have slightly less experience then he does in this industy. :)

I would have to say that the number one thing that I can attribute to my success on the BizRadioNetwork is feedback and input from my listeners. You can't offend me; you have an opinion and I respect that, so please level those crosshairs and fire away, as we can only get better.