Friday, January 13, 2006

Pictures at an Exhibition

This has been a pretty frantic week at the BizRadio ranch, culminating with this weekend’s Wealth Expo in Houston with our affiliate, BizRadio1320.

If you’re in Houston this weekend, and are hankering for some intellectual stimulation, this is the place, in the Westin Galleria. What goes on at one of these? Well here are a few snapshots of our crew…a picture is worth a thousand words.

Daniel Frishberg opened the Expo with his presentation on

"Buying Fear and Selling Happiness..."

...and later broadcast his show live from the event, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

So did Dayna Steele:

Meanwhile, the BizRadio "bevvy of beauties" were in full-force in our broadcast booth.

Gracie and Brenda

Show Producer, Mit Tai, making another A-list connection

This was one of the most popular corners of the show, apparently.

IT Wizzard Chris Wilkenson ponders the imponderable... his partner in crime, Shaw Wareigi, later discovers the same muse.

And across the hall, the crew from The Online Trading Academy

made for attractive neighbors!

Christa, Sean, and Joy

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