Monday, January 02, 2006

Box Office Bonanza

The week between Christmas and New Year’s has traditionally been vacation week at The Clanton Hacienda. Not so this year, given my history in December. Still, even with doing the show live from The Studio at The Clanton Hacienda, it was a fairly light week.

The normal activity of choice during our vacations is to hit a movie theater at least once a day. Again, could not do that this year, but we did watch copious amounts of our favorite DVD’s on the laptop on a bed tray on my lap.

"What did Santa bring you?"
"Great lap muscles this year."

We did go see one movie on New Year’s Eve; Rumor Has It. Very clever film with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner that picks up with “the rest of the story” from “The Graduate.” The star who steals the show is Shirley McClaine. I’ve always thought a little Shirley goes a long way, and that’s true here. But the little dabs that do ya are priceless in the film. So the Clanton Movie Watcher guide gives “Rumor Has It” three thumbs up.

It’s important to know the content of the films that are in theaters today. When you shell out serious coinage for tickets and a snack—which might as well be a three course meal after the expense—you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth. Or at least have a clue what you’re in for…

So my Bride and our young, single and attractive 20-something daughter were getting our tickets at the box office, and we noticed an older couple in line behind us. They went to the next available window, and I heard the man ask for two tickets for “Brokeback Mountain.”

And I looked over at this couple—he was sporting a flat-top hair cut and wearing dark blue jeans and a western shirt, and she was wearing something rather non-descript, but they were clearly not aware of what they were getting themselves into.

The box office attendant snickered when she overheard the man comment to his wife, “I really want to see a COWBOY movie.”

I really hate to see people waste money, so as we walked past, I tapped the couple on the arm and told them they really didn’t want to see “Brokeback Mountain.”

“What? Why not?” they demanded.

I leaned in closer, and said—“It’s about Gay Cowboys.”

You should have seen their faces.
You should have seen the faces of the box office attendants, too…

I don’t know what this intrepid couple ended up seeing…but it sure as shootin’ wasn’t a cowboy movie New Years eve.

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