Wednesday, July 06, 2011

50-kilocycles to the Right

There will be a new voice on “The Voice of Texas,” AM700/KSEV beginning next week (July 11, 2011.)      I will be the newest member of the team, with responsibilities including on-air hosting as well as providing Radio marketing solutions for sponsors of the myriad shows on the station. 

In some ways, it’s a big step—back into the realm of the employed after being self-employed for over three years. In other ways, it’s business-as-usual, still providing a voice to befriend and inform Houston Radio listeners, while offering quality service for businesses seeking a voice on the Radio.

I promised you I’d keep you posted. 
Now, let’s go have some fun together on the Radio!


TheMarketingChef said...

Congratulations Brent! Will we be able to hear you in Dallas?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am sure your show will be a big hit with Houston's listeners!

Big Congrats from the Greer Family.

Mike Baker said...


MetroLocal said...

Howdy! & Congratulation! We are looking forward to your usual great work!

Cleverley said...

Awesome! Congratulations Brent!

Anonymous said...

WOW, one of my favorite Houston talk show personalities on my favorite radio station. Can't wait to hear you from your new home - I see great things ahead. When will you be on air?

Brent, you are like a wise and trusted friend that I enjoy listening to as often as possible. Keep up the good work!