Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presidential Post-mortem

Are you Obama’d-out?
I don’t mean that with any disrespect to our new President.
In fact, the most-pooped guy in the country this morning is probably the newly-anointed leader of the Free World…or maybe the First Lady: Up at the crack of dawn yesterday, taking delivery on a new house, and then partying until late last night. I want to know what brand of energy drink this guy uses.

Half of the country was ecstatic yesterday; the other half, I suspect, became caught up in the emotion of the moment and the history of the day. (Okay, I know there was that 1% that will be eternally negative about the 44th President, and the Obamanites in the White House. Get over it.)

This morning, the party is over, it’s time to roll up our sleeves, and work together to solve some significant problems: Economic, geopolitical, and energy.

The Markets were already primed to cue the rest of us that yesterday was another work day on Wall Street, and things didn’t work out too well, with a 5% drop in value.
Happy stinking Inauguration, Mr. Obama.

A few quick reflections on yesterday’s national pageantry in Washington, D.C.
I thought Mr. Obama’s address was just right. “Muscular” was the best adjective used to describe the mixture of proverbial phrases and plain speaking; it was a speech for our times.

Speaking of muscular…did you catch Michelle Obama’s arms last night in that stunning, one-strap gown she wore? If Presidential First Ladies dictate fashion trends, we’re in for a period of buff-er women, fellas.

While the President’s muscular speech was perfect for the occasion, Rev. Joseph Lowery may have stolen the show with his classic, old-time preacher rhetoric and oratory that was absolutely moving…especially when he involved the crowd of 1.7-million observers in a round of collective “amen’s.”

It was a bittersweet day for former President George Bush…who left the White House in a Marine Chopper, flew in Executive One from Washington to Texas, and met a crowd in his home town of Midland:

"The presidency was a joyous experience," he said, "but as great as it was, nothing compares with Texas at sunset."
Ditto that, #43.

Bush told the assembled crowd, "Tonight I have the privilege of saying six words that I have been waiting to say for a while: It is good to be home."

Maybe the day was best-summed by a cotton farmer from Lubbock, who drove the distance to welcome Mr. Bush home."It's a special day but it's a sad day," the farmer observed. "He's done eight years of a job well done. He held our country together with the values we respect. He did the job we asked him to do. He kept our values safe."

Let the congregation say, "amen."

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MGK821ZA said...

I'm sure that farmer loved the way our "values" kept those farm subsidies rolling in, even as farm commodity prices hit record levels.He probably does his banking at a place that stays open only because of huge bailout funding while the execs keep claiming their need for a big bonus. Well of course, a big Amen to that.