Friday, January 16, 2009

Bank of Brent

I have decided to turn this Radio show into a bank, and apply for TARP Funds.

I believe that if I portray the Bank of Brent as a failing institution, and demonstrate the need to acquire or merge with similarly stressed businesses, the odds are pretty good I could walk away with a couple billion dollars from the Treasury Dept., probably with no strings attached.

That seems to be the winning combination.
Bank of America has a green light for another $20-billion of your tax dollars so that they can acquire Merrill Lynch, and forestall, allegedly, the negative impact that NOT letting BOA have the money would impose on the national economy.

So this morning’s show is brought to you by the Bank of Brent, smiling and dialing for 33-years.

Bank of Brent is an equal opportunity lender—your chances for the money are about as good as anyone else’s.

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