Monday, January 05, 2009

Politics, Sunny-side Up

There is a new Shewwiff in Town…Adrian Garcia was sworn-in yesterday…and wants to increase the numbers of "boots on the street" with more deputies, and the creation of a Cold Case squad to solve older crimes.

I’d say let’s sell naming rights to CBS for “Cold Case: Houston” episodes.

The state legislative scene was up-ended over the weekend with the fall of House Speaker Tom Craddick from that lofty perch; realizing he didn’t have enough votes to clinch the position, Craddick stepped away from the vehicle. Most-likely to succeed Craddick as State Speaker of the House is Joe Strauss, a Republican from San Antonio.

Tom Craddick wasn’t the only politician to fall on his sword over the weekend: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson removed his name from consideration as Secretary of Commerce as some loose ends from a grand jury probe threatened to delay his confirmation. Some observers in New Mexico say the Governor had to be convinced to step away from the vehicle…

And then there’s Blagoje-gate…with the man appointed to fill the vacant senate seat of President-elect Barak Obama, Roland Burris, making the rounds in church yesterday…big to do in South Side Chicago, with musicians and choirs and pews full of ministers and supporters for Burris.

Whatever happened to separation of church and state?

Al Franken's oft-questioned election to the US Senate is still creating a political ripple-effect, with some in Washington working behind the scenes to thwart his assencion to the position.
It's no laughing matter.

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